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City of gastronomy

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The potato cake is the speciality of this town and is still prepared according to the recipe developed by Mr. Huet, the famous baker, at the end of the nineteenth century.

The Biscuit Company- the “Biscuit Artisanal France” established in 2010, is a lovely story of a family where everyone has found his niche: Jonathan, a baker by trade develops the recipes, Jérémy manufactures the biscuits and Roger, the father, takes care of the administrative side of the business.
As well as their range "The Toqués" composed of thin, crispy biscuits and shortbreads, a new organic range has recently been launched called "The Chigotons" which include gluten-free biscuits with classic flavors, but also a range of new flavours including “Tatin” tart with apricot, pear Belle Hélène or banana split.